Saturday, February 11, 2012

To Each His Own

                   March 30, 2011 001
We had problems at our house last Christmas!  Towel problems!  The kids came home for the holidays.  I set out towels in each bedroom so that each one would have his own towels.  The problem arose when the towels got mixed up.  My sons are messy people.  Sad but true!  And all of my towels are white.  So when one son threw his towel on the floor, I didn’t know who to get angry with!  So everyone was in the dog house.  Hey, it’s Christmas and I have better things to do but LAUNDRY for pete’s sake!  Anyway,  I cooled down, Christmas came and went, the boys went back to their respective homes and I was left with a mountain of white towels.  After they were all cleaned, I figured out a solution …….. well hopefully so.  I divided my towels into sets of 2 and I monogrammed them.  I monogrammed each set in a different color than the others.  And they are color coded to the wall paper in each bedroom.  So now when I assign a set of towels to a bedroom, and I know who is in that bedroom, I will know who is responsible for that towel!  LOL.  It may not make my sons any neater, but I’m sure they will try a little harder since they can be found out!
                    March 30, 2011 002
Enjoy,  Merry Gay

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