Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A New Toy for the Sewing Room


         2013-04-02 15.37.04

While I was absent from the blog, I certainly was not absent from my sewing room!  Although I did work for almost 2 months quilting Vintage Tin, I did break the monotony of that project with a few small, but cute projects …. you know, to keep me from burning out on sewing altogether.  This was one of those projects. 

       2013-06-26 18.40.31     2013-04-02 15.35.14

I had purchased this pattern over a year ago from Crabapple Hill designs and had really wanted to make it right off the bat, but I had a difficult time finding a galvanized pail in the correct size to fit the pattern, so the project kind of sat on the shelf waiting for me to come across the pail.  The pattern calls for a 10 quart galvanized pail.  None at Lowes.  None at WalMart.  None at Feeder’s Supply or Orscheln’s.  They had some really cute pails at the Dollar Store, but none in the right size for this.  Ummmmm I finally looked on and there it was.  Purchased this and a couple of books and got free shipping!  Could have saved all the gas I wasted in my search!

                      2013-06-26 18.38.54

This lovely little bucket is lined with 2 tiers of pockets inside.  You can see some ink pens peeking out of the first tier and the large gaping pocket is in the second tier.  Additionally, there is the center of the interior free for large or bulky items ….. that’s where you see the tape measure.

                              2013-06-26 18.39.48

The outside pockets will accommodate magazines and large envelopes.  There is a magazine in the outer pocket on the picture up top. 

I love my new toy.  I can carry it anywhere I want to work …. out on the patio, the porch swing, on sewing retreats and to friends’ homes.  And it will carry anything I need to take!  And it only took an afternoon to make.  Call me a happy camper!


Enjoy,  Merry Gay


Goodbye Google Reader …. Hello Bloglovin’!

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It’s a sad day.  I’ve used Google Reader for as long as I can remember ……. even before I had a blog!  So, to see it go is kind of upsetting because I’m so used to things as they have always been.  BUT ….. as of next Monday, Google Reader will be gone.  Poof!  Up in smoke.  GONE.  So I have decided to try out Bloglovin’.  So many of my friends in blogland have already done this.  It must be painless.  We. Shall. See.

Enjoy,  Merry Gay

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I’m Back Again ……. And with a finish!

I want to thank all my friends for sticking with me and my blog during my long absence.  For those of you who do not know, my dear, dear husband who had been sick for such a long time, passed away last month.  It has been a very hard adjustment for me and I thank you for your patience.  I am trying to get my life back in some kind of order and get back to doing the things I love, blogging among those things.  And on that note, I want to present to you my version of Vintage Tin …….

               2013-06-20 11.42.12

This post is going to be picture heavy …… I have lots of photos of the individual blocks since that is the only way the embroidery shows up. 

2013-06-20 11.42.05               2013-06-20 11.37.16

Vintage Tin is a pattern which was designed by Meg Hawkey for Crabapple Hill Designs.  If you are comparing the two, you can see that I have changed the arrangement considerably.  My quilt did not use all of the embroidery panels that Meg designed for the quilt, but I have them embroidered out sitting there on my sewing table.  I may at some later time use them to make pillows or something else.

2013-06-20 11.37.05         2013-06-20 11.37.27

             2013-06-20 11.37.48

          2013-06-20 11.38.11

The quilt measures 96 1/2“ long and is 89” wide.  I used about 15 skeins of DMC black embroidery thread for the embroidery and over 4000 yards of Superior Rainbows thread in the quilting.  I began work on this quilt last August and it was completed the end of May of this year.

2013-06-20 11.38.29  2013-06-20 11.38.45

2013-06-20 11.38.38  2013-06-20 11.38.53

2013-06-20 11.39.02  2013-06-20 11.39.07

        2013-06-20 11.39.13

Thanks for sticking with this post through all of the photos!  I am back to sewing, so I hope to be posting to my blog more often. 

Enjoy,  Merry Gay