Monday, July 9, 2012

Arm Chair Sewing Caddy

After only one post last month, I figured I needed to get with the program and post something!  Sheesh.  It’s been so hot that I’ve absolutely lost my will to move out of my chair to do anything.  Heat and humidity just seem to sap all the life out of me even though I’m in an air conditioned house!
The last time I wrote, I was in the midst of an avalanche of peaches.  I am here to tell you that I am still in the midst of an avalanche of peaches.  Janice, I wish you were close enough to me for me to bring you a few bushels!  I am officially sick of peaches.  I have to go out this afternoon and pick a couple of bags for my step-daughter, and then as far as I’m concerned, the birds, squirrels, rabbits and the dog can have the rest of them.  My dog, Sophie, loves them.  She will go out and pick them and bring them up onto the porch where she keeps her own personal stash.  She’s such a comedienne. 
Ok, enough of peaches.  And on to the sewing content!  I have to tell you, I haven’t done any sewing for the last 2 weeks.  Shameful I know.  I pried myself out of my chair and cleaned my sewing room.  The I cleaned my machine.  And then I slipped her cover on and she has sat there waiting for me ever since.  So I am going to show you a project I made some time ago.  My arm chair sewing caddy……,…
I found the pattern for this one night really late when I was up alone and cruising around the internet ….. reading blogs, clicking links, checking out websites.  I saw this, quickly printed off a copy and flew to my stash.  And by the time I went to bed, I had a new sewing toy tool.
With the exception of my glass of iced tea, it has room for everything I need when I sit down to sew.  There’s even room for my cell phone.  Since I have been embroidering a set of blocks for a new quilt during this heat wave, it has come in quite handy the past couple of weeks.  I’ll have to take some pictures of that to show you next. 
If you haven’t made one of these for yourself and need a smallish project to shake you out of a sewing slump, this is a good one to try.  I can’t remember where I got this pattern, but if you Google ‘arm chair sewing caddy’, it will pop up ….. probably in several places!  Have fun and stay cool.

Enjoy,  Merry Gay


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  2. I meant that I get sick of oranges in Feb. like you are sick of peaches now. It's hard to imagine being tired of peaches.