Saturday, March 24, 2012

Work Shirt in Progress


  The inspiration for this appliqued shirt came from an old Bernina advertisement that I ran across in an old quilt magazine.  It inspired me to get up out of my chair and dig deep into my closet for one of my chambray work shirts and say, “Let the embellishment begin”!  Photo03240056  Photo03240055_1

First off, I removed the pocket from the shirt and monogrammed it with my initials in some hot pink thread.  Then I bias cut thin strips of fabric for stems and positioned them where I wanted to applique garden flowers and then cut lots of leaves from the same fabric so that they wouldn’t look bare when they were sewed on.  I then went to my applique folder and selected several types of flowers to use and cut them from several different fabrics so that I would have a whole medley of flowers in my garden! 

I made my flowers spring from the shirt tail hem and vine across the yoke.  And my plan is to add some little critters like bees and dragonflies before I am finished.


Of course, like everything else in my sewing room at this moment, it is a work in progress.  I have so many projects going that I can’t seem to settle on one and work on it until it’s finished.  Instead I flit and flutter from project to project, like a bee frantically feeding from a cloud of blossoms trying to get some nectar from each one, doing a little on each one and not finishing a thing.


But progress, even if it is slow, is progress!  I will post a finish when I have it complete.


Enjoy,  Merry Gay

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Next Year’s Valentine

              March 9, 2011 003

This is one of several projects demanding my attention right now.  It will become an appliqued and embroidered valentine quilt.  At this moment, I have all of the appliqued and embroidered blocks finished, and my only question is how to put them together.  I have gotten my graph paper out and doodled about a dozen different ways.  None of them really appeal to me. 

                March 9, 2011 006

I will keep you posted ………..


Merry Gay

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Pink Bishop

            March 13, 2011 001
This is a sweet little bishop day gown that I made for a shower gift a year ago.  I had so much fun making this little gown.  I used a bishop pattern from Grandmother’s Hope Chest by Martha Pullen and some soft cotton in a delicate print from my stash, and once I had it pleated and shaped on my pin board, I started the smocking.  I didn’t use a smocking plate, but rather made this up as I went along.  Then I finished the gown construction.
            March 9, 2011 026
Funny how you see things in hind site that you would have done.  I look at this and wish I had added little seed pearls to the smocking.  That would have looked so nice.  Ah well.  Too late now.  But I will have to remember that for the next gown. 
Enjoy!  Merry Gay