Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Pink Bishop

            March 13, 2011 001
This is a sweet little bishop day gown that I made for a shower gift a year ago.  I had so much fun making this little gown.  I used a bishop pattern from Grandmother’s Hope Chest by Martha Pullen and some soft cotton in a delicate print from my stash, and once I had it pleated and shaped on my pin board, I started the smocking.  I didn’t use a smocking plate, but rather made this up as I went along.  Then I finished the gown construction.
            March 9, 2011 026
Funny how you see things in hind site that you would have done.  I look at this and wish I had added little seed pearls to the smocking.  That would have looked so nice.  Ah well.  Too late now.  But I will have to remember that for the next gown. 
Enjoy!  Merry Gay

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  1. This is a precious little dress. I always make baby bishops from solid fabric--I don't know why. After seeing this, I will surely make a print next time. Thanks for the inspiration.