Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Skill and A New Garment!

I belong to a really neat online sewing group ….. an AMAZING group of women really.  Every one of them an excellent seamstress and each one with her own individuality and style.  We do, as a group, a project every month or two which presents a certain skill to learn or improve upon.  For this project, the skill was using English netting as a lace or insert.  You can see above how I chose to do this!  I made the tucks and lace overlay gown from Martha Pullen’s book, Lovely Lingerie.
For the overlay, which was our group project part, I used a design from Martha Pullen’s embroidery design cd, “Precious Baby”.  I used a Floriani stabilizer, Wet and Gone Tacky (wonderful stuff).  I hooped the stabilizer and then just stuck the English netting onto it, inserted it into the embroidery machine and let it fly!  I used this an an insertion on each side of a central panel of tucks.  After the overlay was constructed, I edged the bottom with some tatting and lace insertion that I had laying around.  I wish I had not used the lace insertion now, but at the time it seemed like a good idea.  If I was going to wear this out in public, I would redo it completely.  But since it is only a night gown for me, I will live with it.  Live and learn is all I can say.
I cut the gown itself from a pink and white plaid fabric from my stash.  It is 100% cotton and while it isn’t exactly a gauzy type of fabric, but reminds me of that kind of.  It has a wonderful hand to it.  Once I had the whole thing constructed, I finished it off with a bias ruffle made of the same plaid.  Delight!  It matches my pink heirloom pillowcases!  LOL.

Enjoy!  Merry Gay

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