Monday, January 23, 2012

Mimi’s Receiving Blanket

Adding to my Grandmother’s Hope Chest, I made this sweet flannel receiving blanket last fall after receiving, as a gift, a machine embroidery design and I needed something nice to embroider. 
 Photo01081301_1   Photo01081303_1
After completing the embroidery, I crocheted a shell edge with crochet cotton.  There is a space for a name to be later embroidered on the design.  As the blanket is going into my Grandmother’s Hope Chest, and is designated for a baby yet to be born, I didn’t put a name or initials on it.
Merry Gay

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  1. This is really lovely! This is the year I am going to learn to crochet! Your Grandmother's Hope Chest must be full of treasures.