Friday, January 27, 2012

Lounging in Style


Last Sunday afternoon, the Martha Pullen Sisters group hosted a sew along.  We chatted away in our chatroom while we worked on various projects.  Among the projects, one sister was working on a baby dress, another sister worked on a wreath and yet another worked on card table playhouses, just to name a few.  I chose to monogram some old sweatshirts.  Sweatshirts are my favorite thing to wear in the winter.  They are warm and cozy and comfortable.  But they are woefully plain, at least the ones in my drawer.  So I decided to raid my large stash of machine embroidery designs and add a little class to these well worn loved staples of my everyday wardrobe.  I grabbed 3 from my drawer.  

First up, the grey one you see above.  Plain grey, it goes well with jeans or sweat pants in a variety of colors.  However, if I’m not wearing mine with jeans, I would pair it with either a matching grey, a medium grey, or a black pair of sweatpants.  I know, exciting wardrobe!  Hey, but it’s just for lounging in the house or walking trash to the curb!  LOL.  For a monogram, I chose one of my all time favorite monograms, the KK Monogram.  I know that this one comes with the Monogram Wizard, but I use the Brother BES Lettering Software, so I bought mine from  8 Claws and a Paw.  I love it.  Funny how with the monogram it doesn’t feel nearly as sloppy as it did without it.  Or maybe it’s just sloppy chic!  Haha.

On to the next sweatshirt.


For this one I chose the same grey sweatshirt, only for the monogram I used one that I bought a few weeks ago from Anna Bove Embroideries.  I’ve been dying to use this one!  Although I bought it to use on a pair of pillowcases that I have yet to construct, I couldn’t wait until I could construct them and thought it would dress this sweatshirt up nicely.  I would have liked to have added the M and the G on either side of the L, but I tried all kinds of combinations and fonts with this, and it just did not look right.  If you put the smaller fancy letter, it’s too much fancy styling, and if you put a letter with no embellishment on it, it doesn’t look right.  So I just put the L and was done with it.  It’s a only a sweatshirt after all!


Last I pulled a navy blue one out of the pile.  For this one I chose another Anna Bove embroidery and another plain L.  Well….. not a PLAIN L, but a sunflower L!  In hindsight, I think I should have chosen a shirt in a lighter color.  The bright yellow and red shows up nicely on the navy blue, but the darker parts, especially the greens, tend to get lost on the dark blue.  But, like I said before, it’s only an old sweatshirt.  Not even a new one!  And it’s way better than it was before.  Now I can even wear this one with a pair of RED sweat pants!  LOL.  No, don’t even own a pair of those. 

Now I have turned my attention to my button down shirts.  Can you say APPLIQUE’?  But that’s another post.

Enjoy!  Hugs,  Merry Gay

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