Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miss String!


I finally have a finish of some sort to show you!  This is what I have been calling “Miss String”…… a string quilt of course.  And it was surprisingly easy to do!  Yay!

Photo03291634_1   Photo03291634

It is sewn to a piece of paper and then cut to size using the paper as a guide.  You simply cut a bunch of pieces of paper ……. I had a 10” square template, so that is what I used ……… and then cut a bunch of strips.  The strips don’t have to be measured or sized or anything.  Look at mine.  See, the strips are all varying widths.  Anyway, you will place a strip (right side down) on one of your cut pieces of paper diagonally and sew it.  You don’t even have to be picky about your seam width.  Just sew the strip onto the piece of paper.  Then you can either iron or finger press the strip so that the right side is up.  Place another contrasting strip on top of the strip you just sewed (fabric right sides together), and sew this strip to the first strip AND to the paper.  Finger press this strip like the last one and repeat this process until your paper is filled.  Then cut your block to the size of your paper and remove the paper from the back and you have your first block done.


I hope I was clear on those instructions and didn’t gloss over the steps too fast.  I was not thinking about this post when I was working on it, or I would have taken pictures as I went along.  Sorry.  But if you need help, there are lots of tutorials on the internet.  Type ‘string quilt tutorial’ into a search engine and it will give you choices.

Anyway, back to Miss String ……. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to embellish my quilt with applique.  I sewed on my borders and then added flowers and ladybug to opposite corners.  That just seemed to give this quilt that little something extra that it needed to finish it off.  Now I only have to sandwich it with batting and backing and get it quilted!  I’ll probably get that done in a month or so.  I have another project under my needle now.  Remember Dresden Flowers?



Enjoy!  Merry Gay

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