Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Bloom!

The lack of anything new to show you from my sewing room (still motoring along on Dresden Flowers) has left me in a pickle ……… what will I show my blog readers?  So, I took a walk around my neighborhood and am going to show you the show that our April flowers are bringing us this year.  This is a picture taken from my front porch.  I haven’t got it ‘dressed’ for warm weather and lazy days on the porch yet, but that’s another post.
Photo03291502  Photo03291503_1
Isn’t this lovely?  Dogwoods all in bloom.  But you can see that the jonquils have already come and gone from the fence.  Isn’t it a shame that everything can’t bloom at the same time?  I should have gone out and taken pictures when my orchard was blooming, but I didn’t so we have missed those beautiful trees too.
                 Dogwood blooms are so pretty!

Photo03291514_1   0418091318-01
Azaleas and Peonies …………….
All this makes me smile Open-mouthed smile!  Back to the sewing room…..

Enjoy,  Merry Gay

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  1. Spring is always gorgeous in the South, but certainly no where is it more gorgeous than on your street! Thanks for sharing your view.