Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hearts and Flowers …….

This is ‘Be Mine’ my Valentine quilt.  I hope I have it finished by then!  Who knows?  I have had these blocks finished and languishing in my stash for a couple of years.  I remember ….. I had been working on another quilt and had cut out a bunch of hearts to applique on, and then I went in another direction on that quilt which eliminated the hearts from the plan.  So I was left with a stack of hearts that sat on the corner of my cutting table and kept calling me ….. “Come on, we want to be a part of something too!”.  So one evening when I just wanted to fool around and play with fabric, I did just that.  See these ……
          1353615867694         1353615880512
The second one is hard to see, I know.  It was up high on the design wall and I was too lazy to get up on a stool, so I just reached my arm way up with the camera.  Anyway, I had been playing around with different embroidery designs.  I had cut some 10 inch light pink squares and had just messed around with embroidery thread on them because I had run out of tv handwork and needed something to do with my hands while I watched ….. The Tudors I believe it was.  So I had some random heirloomy kind of embroidery squares that I could mix some hearts with.  I cut some more 10 inch squares and here we are ….. ‘Be Mine’ was born!
IMG_20121122_142415                  1353615904104   She looks kind of cobbled together right now. My plan is to anchor the squares with a pieced square SIMILAR to the one that I used on Vintage Kids.  We shall see how that works out after I have a few made.  In the mean time-
Enjoy,  Merry Gay

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