Sunday, January 6, 2013

For The Birds

I just love the beginning of a new year!  Brand new, crisp, a fresh start.  I always like to start making a list of sorts in December of some things I’d like to accomplish for the next year.  Not exactly resolutions, but more like a list of loose goals.  Of course, my list includes UFOs from the past.  There are some UFOs on my list for this year that have been languishing in my stash closet for 2 years!  Those have got to be finished and either put away for future use, put to use immediately, or sent off to friends and family who have been good little girls and boys and need a little reward.  LOL.  Not really.  But it does pay to be one of my offspring!  If you like receiving quilts, that is.  But I digress.

Another good thing about starting a brand new year are the Block of the Month projects offered by some pattern designers.  I always look forward to these.  I’ve sewn some really nice quilts using these patterns.


Snowbound (shown above) comes to mind as one of my favorites, but also Henrietta Whiskers was a free BOM.  The Barrister’s Block was my favorite one from last year and I am still working on that one.  There are a bunch of others and I won’t bore you with the list.  Let’s just say it keeps me busy.

This year has some special offerings.  Strictly For The Birds is a free BOM offered by Denise Russart.  Lookie…


Aren’t these birds the sweetest thing?  This is the bluejay block.  There are others!  You should see!  I’m not seeing a quilt out of these blocks though.  I’m seeing some throw pillows for my front porch! 

I HEARD that Crabapple Hill is doing a BOM this year and that is one of my very favorite pattern designers!  YOU KNOW I’m watching that website!  LOL.  And then Erin Russek always has a spectacular applique BOM quilt on offer.  Oh and check out Jinny Beyer’s newsletter!  OH MY!  And there are others!

I have some other items on my list of things to accomplish sewing wise in 2013, but that is for another post.  Until then …..

Enjoy,  Merry Gay

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  1. You are so productive! Your quilts are always gorgeous and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2013. My sewing goal is the same as last year--use up some of my stash. This is a very slow process. Happy New Year, Merry Gay!