Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Design Wall Wednesday–French Cottage Garden quilts


I haven’t posted for since just after Thanksgiving and I really have no excuse.  Well, I did put up the Christmas tree (yes, in my house it is called a CHRISTMAS TREE).

1354227948443There she is in all her glory.  I moved the location this year for the first time in 16 years and I really don’t like having it here in this spot, but it is the only place we have room for it.  When hospice came in to take care of my husband, they brought a hospital bed in along with a bunch of equipment and I had to move furniture around to accommodate that.  Then I had to move my sewing studio out of my studio and into the dining room because he wanted me to be close to him.  So, as a result, my sewing machine and ironing board now reside in the spot that my Christmas tree stood in last year.  Let’s face it, my whole house is a jumbled up mess right now.  Sigh. 

OKay.  Back to my story.  I put the tree up and that is it for decorating this year.  No evergreen door tops with red and silver bows and little elves.  NO pencil tree in the kitchen.  No decorations on the front porch ( or the back porch for that matter).  No icicle lights.  Nada.  Just the big tree.  This has just been a bad year for holidays.  Better luck next year.

Back to the design wall.  It has been empty for the most part for the last 2 weeks.  I’ve just been too busy with other things to spend a lot of time at my sewing machine.  What other things, you ask?  Oh, there’s the gingerbread that needed eating, and Netflix to watch (another round of Downton Abbey) and then I have 2 seasons of Game of Thrones to watch …… because reading all those big fat books just weren’t enough Westeros for me.  Kay?  Then I hauled off and ordered the Peter Cottontail pillowcase pattern from Crabapple Hill and that has been sitting on my desk calling my name ever since it arrived ….. so I had to sit on my fanny and embroider that!


I have no pictures to show to you other than this picture of the pattern, but I have made 2 of these pillowcase cuffs, one in a mainly turquoise colorway and another one in a mainly purple colorway; and I am seriously considering one in red or magenta.  I am addicted to Peter Cottontail at the moment.  Pictures will be forthcoming in their own blog post later.

Okay, so back to my design wall.  You got a glimpse at the top of the blog post. 

1355878139952   1355878149756

  1355878171354  1355878189175

This is where I am on the two quilts (remember I told you there were going to be two of them to top two antique twin beds in one of my guest rooms).  I have SOME of the first quilt finished and I have the embroidered panels for the second companion quilt trimmed and ready for the pinwheels to be sewn on.  Hopefully I will have them done in a couple of weeks.  I will try to give you an update next Wednesday.  Since it is Christmas and I have no idea what is going on this year, I’m making no promises.


In the meantime, I’ll be up to my elbows in pinwheels.


Enjoy, Merry Gay

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  1. I have recently learned that every Christmas does not have to be over the top and better than last year. You have good reason to cut back, but your spirit is good and you continue making beautiful things. I love the Peter Cottontail pillowcases! Merry Christmas to you.