Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drought 2012


Last week I had to go to the doctor for a check-up which meant that I had to go to Cape Girardeau, about 35 miles north of me.  I had been hearing about how low the Mississippi River had gotten, so while I was so close, I had to drive down to the riverfront to check things out for myself.


My oldest son, Evan, was with me and since we had stopped for lunch at Culver’s and ate Butterburgers and Concrete shakes, we needed a little walk. 

You can see from the pictures above that the river isn’t exactly dry!  However ……….


take a look from another angle.  I was not all the way down to the water’s edge when I took this.  Can you see how far it is up to that levy wall?  What absolutely amazed me was the fact that it hasn’t been all that long ago that the big gate up there was closed and ‘they’ were scared that the river was going to flow over the top and flood downtown Cape!

I looked out across that expanse ….. the river is probably close to a mile across ….. and figured how much water it would take to fill up that area.  Boggles the mind.



Here’s a photo taken of the wall from another angle.  The university students have painted murals all along it showing the historical events of SE Missouri.  We walked for awhile along the wall looking at the murals and had a real good time.  My son has gone back ‘home’ to where he lives now and it is nice looking back at the good times we shared while he was at his ‘Missouri home’.  And it was nice to see the river at this time because I can’t ever remember it being low like this.  Kind of like watching history unfold.  Now I can say, “I can remember when the river got so low that the barges didn’t run!” 

Thanks for humoring me.   I’ll be back with a Design Wall Wednesday post tomorrow!


Enjoy,  Merry Gay

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